Matt Every's putter draws attention in Hawaii

When many fans tuned in to watch the television coverage of the 2012 Sony Open in Hawaii. They saw something that was pretty hard not to take notice of.

What was Matt Every putting with?

It looked like some sort of kitchen utensil attached to a putter shaft.

The putter is actually called the Black Hawk and is manufactured by Orion Golf -- Designed by David Kargetta.

The principal and design behind the hard to miss putter is that the 440-gram putter, will allow for the ball to be online with it's target every putt.

Promotional media for the putter claims that the 21,000 grams-per-centimeter-squared of MOI, makes it near impossible to hit your putts off line.

How did it work for Every last week?

His putting stats through all four rounds at the Sony Open went something like this.

27, 25, 30 and 31 putts in his four rounds. He was tied for 23rd in that category.

“I wouldn't be doing the putter justice if I explained it to you." said Every on his much talked about putter and Internet searched putter.

"Like I know that it works for me.”

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